Biotts in the finals of the Start-Up-Med competition

We’ve made the shortlist of 12 startups to earn a nomination to the final presentation stage of the Start-Up-Med contest, which is currently happening for a 4th time! This year its organizers had 50+ projects to choose from. Winners will be announced on March 3rd during a special Gala that’s part of the Health Challenges Congress (HCC) 2022 being organized at the International Congress Centre in Katowice.


Start-Up-Med was created to identify the most innovative startups – in terms of product development and breakthroughs related to processes – the actions of which are positively impacting lives of patients and the healthcare system while also generating significant benefits in terms of the medical technology (drug and non-drug) by way of their implementation. Solutions receiving recognition include new approaches in fields such as diagnostics and ICT. The jury has selected 12 finalists, the full list of which is available here.

You can find out more about Biotts at