Bankier: Biotechnology Biotts hacks the human body The breakthrough transdermal system developed by Biotts makes it possible to deliver particles of medication that are dozens of times larger than what currently available solutions can get through the skin. The result? Drugs that can treat damaged tissue more precisely. As for the carrier itself, it is as harmless to the skin as it is to the entire body, not to mention the fact that it is biodegradable. At the same time the substance it contains remains active and maintains its properties – something that is a common problem when drugs are administered orally. It also has no negative effect on other healthy organs. Which patients will be among the first to get access to this method of administering treatment? When will it officially hit the market? What’s next in the Biotts pipeline? You can find the answers to these questions and more in a conversation that Beata Tomaszkiewicz had with Konrad Krajewski, Cofounder of Biotts and currently a Management Board Member at the company.
The full podcast is available here.