SERVIER starts cooperation with BIOTTS

SERVIER starts cooperation with BIOTTS, working together on a technology that improves the standard of living of patients around the world.

Among its many projects, BIOTTS is currently developing a transdermal system that allows for the transfer of several times larger drug molecules through the skin compared to existing solutions.

The solutions of the Wrocław – based company enable the transport of drugs through the skin – so far this route of administration was not possible for the majority of drugs.

BIOTTS carriers can be used, for example, as a transport system for commonly used drugs, increasing their targeted action, reducing the required dose and radically reducing the side effects of therapy, especially in the gastrointestinal tract. The uniqueness of the Wroclaw company’s solution lies in its capacity – with this system it is possible to transfer many new active substances, including those even twenty times bigger in size than those which can pass through the skin with the technology available today.