Biotts receives over PLN 11 million

11.2 million PLN – this is the amount of funding we have received under the “Fast Track” programme of the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) to develop antidiabetic therapies (a project worth nearly 15 million PLN).

The effectiveness of the Biotts carrier itself in innovative therapies has been confirmed by preclinical studies for other molecules with similar physical and chemical properties. Under the aegis of Biotts, scientists create not only proprietary drug carriers, but also pharmaceuticals themselves.
– In the project, co-financed by the NCBR, we will develop a new topical drug, containing an innovative carrier, thanks to which we will transport anti-diabetic substances through the skin into the bloodstream. This is a real breakthrough, long awaited by the diabetic patients and pharmaceutical companies alike, emphasizes Konrad Krajewski, Managing Partner at Biotts. More.