We develop proprietary drug delivery technologies and drug formulations in the fields of oncology and diabetology


09 November 2022

Biotts at CPHI Frankfurt

CPHI Frankfurt – the event that brings together pharmaceutical professionals from around the world – has ended. Over the past few days Pawel ...


14 October 2022

Biotts nominated in the Lower Silesian – Gryf Economic Award competition

We know who is on the list of nominees in the “Dolnośląski Gryf – Nagroda Gospodarcza” (“Griffin of Lower Silesia – Economy Award”) contest. The ...


22 September 2022

Biotts & DDF 2022

  The Biotts team (Ewa Micewicz & Aleksandra Puton) will take part in this year’s DDF Summit (Drug Delivery & Formulation), The 2022 ...


20 June 2022

Newseria: In a few years, cancer ointments or patches may appear on the market

Delivery of drugs through the skin not only help limit any negative effects they might have on the digestive system, it also make it possible to ...



BIOTTS S.A. is a Polish biotechnology company that develops proprietary drug technologies and drug formulations in the fields of oncology, diabetology. Based on unique manufacturing technologies and new approach to substance combining processes and knowledge – a team of Biotts scientists has developed a breakthrough technology of universal transdermal therapeutic system MTC-Y (Multifunctional Transdermal Carrier-Y). The properties of the carrier increase the bioavailability of active substances several times, enabling them to penetrate through the skin into soft tissues and bones. The carrier can be easily modified to obtain targeted action in pathologically changed tissues. Thanks to the system, it is possible to reduce the therapeutic dose of the drug, while maintaining its original effect and simultaneously reducing the side effects. In addition, the system enables transport of one to several active substances, which makes it possible to design multi-component drugs.

How does transdermal Biotts technology work:

Biotts scientists, with more than three decades of experience, develop proprietary drugs and transdermal systems, solve complex technological problems, and create effective solutions to help people around the world.

BIOTTS S.A. also provides research and development services for pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic and chemical companies from all over the world.

We have provided the market with a variety of solutions, including: non-aggregating nanocarrier used in the production of vitamin preparations, therapeutic gels, semi-solid forms of the drug: with a carrier of deep penetration and accelerating tissue regeneration.

A revolution in drug delivery


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