We develop proprietary drug delivery technologies and drug formulas in the field of oncology, dermatology and autoimmune diseases


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BIOTTS S.A. is a Polish biotechnological company that develops proprietary drug delivery technologies and drug formulas in the field of oncology, dermatology, and autoimmune diseases. The team of Biotts technologists has developed a proprietary technology for obtaining a universal transdermal therapeutic system: MTC-Y. Thanks to the unique properties of the system, it is possible to increase the bioavailability of active substances by several times, allowing active substances to penetrate through skin barriers up to several centimetres, reaching soft tissues and bones. The unique transdermal MTC-Y system can be easily modified to achieve a targeted action in pathologically changed tissues. By increasing the bioavailability of the substance, it is possible to reduce the therapeutic dose, while maintaining the original effect and, at the same time, reducing the side effects. The unique transdermal Biotts system enables the transport of one to several active substances, thanks to which it is possible to design multi-component drugs. Through simple modifications of the system, it is also possible to design medicines with a modified release profile for the medicinal substance.

How it works transdermal Biotts technology:

With more than thirty years of experience, the Research and Development Team is able to effectively create proprietary medicines, solve complex technological problems and create unique solutions to help people all over the world.

BIOTTS S.A. also provides research and development services for pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetic and chemical companies from all over the world.

We have provided the market with a wide variety of solutions, including: a non-aggregating nanocarrier used in the production of vitamin preparations, anti-allergic drugs, semi-solid forms of a drug with a deep penetration carrier, semi-solid forms of a drug accelerating tissue reconstruction, cosmetic products with increased bioavailability based on natural resources, medicinal gels, stabilised and naturally preserved omega acids, and functional food formulas.

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