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Biotts granted gmp license to manufacture and import medicinal products

It’s official: Biotts has reached another important milestone in its development!

The Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate has granted Biotts a license to manufacture and import medicinal products – thanks to this consent, our scientists can start clinical trials on humans in the first quarter of 2023. The granting of a GMP license means that we’ve met rigorous requirements and international standards – and received a confirmation of quality as far as the results produced in our labs. Working in accordance with The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) system involves following specific production and quality-control guidelines, which guarantees that medical products manufactured by Biotts meet essential standards in this respect. This license makes it possible for us to be part of supply chains that deliver products used in, i.e., clinical trials. We can also now be used as an outsourced third-party and perform quality-control analysis, in terms of manufacturing standards, by other companies.