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Biotts launches new website showcasing breakthrough transdermal drug delivery technology

We are thrilled to unveil our brand-new website, showcasing the revolutionary Multifunctional Transdermal Carrier Y (MTC-Y™) technology developed by Biotts, a global leader in Transdermal Drug Delivery.

With a focus on transforming the landscape of drug delivery, Biotts has pioneered an innovative solution that facilitates the transdermal delivery of both lipophilic and hydrophilic molecules, including peptides and proteins. This breakthrough technology overcomes the size limitations of traditional transdermal technologies, allowing for the transportation of molecules up to 6000 Daltons (for now).

Our upgraded website serves as a comprehensive platform to showcase this groundbreaking technology. Pharmaceutical companies can now explore the potential of needle-free administration, sustained dosing, and improved bioavailability across a wide spectrum of active compounds. These advancements offer substantial improvements in patient outcomes and treatment experiences.

Explore the website to stay updated on the latest advancements and experience firsthand how Biotts is reshaping the future of drug delivery. Join us in unveiling the future of pharmaceutical innovation.