GIF has granted Biotts a license to manufacture and import a medicinal product

19 December 2022

It’s official: Biotts has reached another important milestone in its development! The Chief Pharmaceutical Inspectorate (Główny Inspektorat ...


The 5th Forum of Modern Diabetology and an award for Biotts

09 December 2022

The 5 Forum Nowoczesnej Diabetologii (5th Forum of Modern Diabetology) has ended. One of the event’s highlights was a contest that featured the ...


Dolnośląski Bon na Innowacje for Biotts

08 December 2022

We’re excited to let you know about another big “win” for Biotts: The Lower Silesia Voucher for Innovation will allow for the further development ...


Biotts at CPHI Frankfurt

09 November 2022

CPHI Frankfurt – the event that brings together pharmaceutical professionals from around the world – has ended. Over the past few days Pawel ...


Biotts nominated in the Lower Silesian – Gryf Economic Award competition

14 October 2022

We know who is on the list of nominees in the “Dolnośląski Gryf – Nagroda Gospodarcza” (“Griffin of Lower Silesia – Economy Award”) contest. The ...


Biotts & DDF 2022

22 September 2022

  The Biotts team (Ewa Micewicz & Aleksandra Puton) will take part in this year’s DDF Summit (Drug Delivery & Formulation), The 2022 ...


Newseria: In a few years, cancer ointments or patches may appear on the market

20 June 2022

Delivery of drugs through the skin not only help limit any negative effects they might have on the digestive system, it also make it possible to ...


My Company: 20 companies that are making Poland – and the whole world – a better place

10 June 2022

In the latest issue of My Company Polska Jakub Dobroszek writes about “20 companies that are making Poland – and the whole world – a ...


Biotts: The Advanced Therapies Industry in London

31 May 2022

In last week we were in London – The Advanced Therapies Industry – has seen great leaps forward in innovation, creative solutions to ...


Transdermal workshops at BAXTER

29 April 2022

The workshops organized by BAXTER and Tapemark (a Biotts partner) focused on the world’s most advanced transdermal technologies: during the ...


Biotts has received a nomination in the “Startup of the Year”

19 April 2022

We’re extremely pleased to announce that Biotts has received a Award nomination in the “Startup of the Year” category! The ...


Poles have created a breakthrough method of drug delivery

11 April 2022

We have completed another phase of preclinical trials on a drug candidate that was developed by combining our carrier with a substance that ...


Biotts & BIO-Europe Spring

25 March 2022

The Biotts team will take part in this year’s BIO-Europe Spring! BIO-Europe Spring is one of the key annual meetings for the biotech and ...


Biotts in the finals of the Start-Up-Med competition

03 March 2022

We’ve made the shortlist of 12 startups to earn a nomination to the final presentation stage of the Start-Up-Med contest, which is currently ...


Bankier: Biotechnology Biotts hacks the human body

10 February 2022 The breakthrough transdermal system developed by Biotts makes it possible to deliver particles of medication that are dozens of times ...


Puls Medycyny: A startup from Wrocław about investment plans

07 February 2022

Puls Medycyny: 2022 is a year in which the biotech Biotts plans to invest several million PLN and introduce GMP and ISO standards. Among the ...


MamStartup: Google Acceleration and Boston Office. Summary of the year of Biotts

31 January 2022

Konrad Krajewski sums up 2021 at Biotts. Mamstartup: A lot of things went our way in 2021. We were accepted into a Google accelerator program, ...


SERVIER starts cooperation with BIOTTS

24 January 2022

SERVIER starts cooperation with BIOTTS, working together on a technology that improves the standard of living of patients around the world. Among ...