30 December 2021

Biotts featured on the list of 10 BEST POLISH BIO/NANOTECH STARTUPS published by My Company Polska. My Company Polska: Effective way of fighting ...


Rzeczpospolita on anti-diabetic solutions

22 December 2021

Rzeczpospolita: An innovative treatment for diabetes, built on a so-called transdermal carrier, is being developed by Biotts. In short: the ...


Paweł Biernat, CEO of Biotts, ranked MOST CREATIVE PERSON IN BUSINESS!

10 November 2021

– The top spot on ’50 Most Creative People in Business” list is an achievement that’s shared by the entire Biotts team. We wouldn’t be where we ...


Biottss & The Pharma Planet 360

02 November 2021

The Pharma Planet 360° will take place November 3rd-4th 2021! You can find more information on the virtual event here: ...


Biotts is nominated for the Presidential Economic Award!

28 October 2021

We are 1 of 3 startups nominated for the Presidential Economic Award which recognizes companies that have a positive impact on the development of ...


Biotts will develop its operations under the watchful eye of Google

11 October 2021 Google has completed recruitment for a new accelerator for European startups in the field of medicine and health. At the ...


Biotts opens an office in Boston

22 September 2021

ISB Zdrowie: Biotts has opened an office in Boston. Massachusetts is currently considered the place to be if you’re looking to launch a biotech ...


Puls Biznesu: Biotts wants to revolutionize drug delivery

13 September 2021

Puls Biznesu: Despite years of work only 17 patch-based #transdermal_drug delivery systems were ever developed and just 10 of them – including ...


Diabetes and cancer will be treated through the skin. A start-up from Poland is preparing a breakthrough

15 July 2021

WNP.PL: Biotts is picking up some serious steam after its participation in the Start-up Challenge! The Wroclaw-based startup is about to begin ...


Polish biotech companies join forces to compete more effectively on the global market

22 June 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a definite increase in the popularity of solutions from practically every healthcare-related ...


Polish medical startups that can conquer the world

30 May 2021

Business Insider: Polish startups from the medical industry are strengthening their positions on foreign markets – there are even a few that have ...


Medical innovations made in Wrocław

13 May 2021

Gazeta Wrocławska: The capital of Lower Silesia is home the headquarters and production facilities of numerous established companies – local and ...


A shot at medicine without shots. Innovators from Poland are looking to revolutionize the industry.

26 April 2021 It’s no secret that taking #medicine is usually something we do because we have to, not because we want to. And when treatments have to ...


We’re looking for a Managing Partner

24 April 2021

We’re looking for a Managing Partner to join our Biotts team. If keywords like project management and development, global impact, team building ...


We signed strategy agreement with Tapemark, American manufacturer of transdermal systems

10 March 2021

Tapemark a world-class leader in the development of complex transdermal drug delivery systems, has become a strategic partner of Biotts. Our ...


How Biotts work during a pandemic

26 January 2021

The pandemic has forced many companies to reorganise their working patterns. In the link below you can check the information on what has changed ...