Start-ups in the Palace

12 December 2019

Last Monday, Warsaw saw another edition of the “Start-ups in the Palace” competition. The project aims at supporting innovative Polish companies ...


MedTrends – TOP TRENDS

06 December 2019

Yesterday, during the European MedTrend conference in Zabrze, organised by the Kardio-Med Silesia – Medical Technology Park, we had the ...


Med-tech: Not so black as it is painted…

05 December 2019

Technological innovation has always thrilled patients. In the latest issue of T4B, they can read about our proprietary transdermal carrier. Owing ...


BIO-Europe: BIOtts

13 November 2019

We took part in the largest biotechnology conference in Europe – BIO-Europe! The event offers new opportunities for cooperation with global ...


Karolina Buratyńska is the new General Manager at Biotts

07 November 2019

Karolina Buratyńska has taken the position of the General Manager at Biotts S.A. Our new GM has been previously involved with Teva ...


We won! PFR BioMed Academy: Biotts

30 October 2019

Yesterday, the PFR BioMed Academy closing gala was held, where 15 innovative companies presented their unique ideas. What is more, the jury of ...


[Video] Biotts transdermal technology: MTC-Y

29 October 2019

Multifunctional Transdermal Carrier-Y (MTC-Y) is a proprietary, patent pending, universal, transdermal carrier for active substances, increasing ...


Revolutionary therapies can be a breakthrough: Biotts

25 October 2019

The medicine of the future will build on personalised treatment, and drugs will be developed based on each person’s unique genetic make-up. ...


Biotts among the winners – the Lower Silesian Gryphon

23 October 2019

For the 16th time in a row, the “Dolnośląski Gryf” economic awards went to the top enterprises and local governments in the region. The fact that ...


Biotts nominated for the “Dolnośląski Gryf” Award

09 October 2019

The jury of the “Dolnośląski Gryf – Economic Award” has announced a shortlist of companies and local governments nominated for the title – ...


Rzeczpospolita: The Polish “patent factory” will end with painful injections

20 September 2019

Rzeczpospolita: A Wrocław-based company, Biotts has started only recently but is already shooting up. They began with the development of ...


Puls Biznesu: Biotts saves patients from pain

17 September 2019

Puls Biznesu: A biotech company, Biotts is preparing the ground for a revolution in the drug administration process. Although R&D works are ...


We won the Startup Session Elite!

05 September 2019

We have won the Startup Session Elite! During the official closing ceremony of the 29th Economic Forum in Krynica Zdrój, the winners of this ...


The Economic Forum in Krynica

04 September 2019

At the Economic Forum Biotts has met Minister of Health, Łukasz Szumowski. He communicated to us some great news that works were pending on a new ...


The most interesting Polish healthtech

29 August 2019

We are on the list of the most interesting Polish health tech companies according to MamStartup! „Biotts S.A., a biotech company, was established ...


MamStartup: Biotts scientists create proprietary drug carriers

28 August 2019

MamStartup: Biotts is one of the first biotechnological companies in the CEE region to create proprietary drug carriers and formulas based on ...


Innovations for start: Biotts

30 July 2019

Last Monday, Jan Meler and Konrad Krajewski talked to Natalia Gorzelnik from RDC radio abut a multifunctional transdermal carrier by Biotts. This ...


Wroclaw Start-up is working on new drug carriers

04 July 2019

Rynek Aptek: Biotts is working on new methods of drug transport into the body. Patients will not have to remember to swallow their pills. ...


PFR BioMed: Biotts in UK

03 July 2019

Another stage of the PFR BioMed Academy is already under way. Paweł Biernat participates in workshops with British mentors and experts from ...


Biotts is looking for money under the skin

28 June 2019

A start-up from Wroclaw, in which Leonarto fund has invested, is working on new methods of drug transport into the body. Patients will not have ...


PFR BioMed Academy: Biotts

25 June 2019

We are a part of PFR BioMed Academy. We are now looking forward to two weeks of busy workshops in Warsaw and Nottingham. The PFR BioMed Academy ...


Biotts – own preparations and drug formulas

13 June 2019

Rzeczpospolita: Own preparations and drug formulas based on natural extracts are developed by Biotts – a start-up from Wrocław, which already has ...


Next Health – Impact in Kraków

24 May 2019

Impact is an event where one can get the latest news about the progress of the digital economy from the perspective of business, scientific ...


Biotts among the winners in Łódź: the CEBioForum

17 May 2019

Biotts spent the last two days in Łódź at the CEBioForum. The idea behind the event is to support start-ups and modern technologies in the field ...


Biotts in Katowice – European Start-Up Days

15 May 2019

Yesterday we saw the opening ceremony of the 4th European Start-up Days in Katowice. What is going on in here? Technologies that change the ...


futuRAM: Biotts and Radio RAM

25 April 2019

Last week, Jan Meler and  Paweł Biernat were hosted by Maciej Przestalski from the RAM Radio to talk about an innovative technology of our ...


We have won the 2nd place in the “Start-up Award”

17 April 2019

We could not miss the Innovation Forum – Economic Forum in Tarnów. Paweł Biernat and Konrad Krajewski participated in the conference attended by ...


They create natural preparations, including for the treatment of cancer

16 April 2019

Gazeta Wrocławska: Carriers of active substances developed by Biotts can be used as a transport system for commonly used oncological, ...


The dosing patch drug instead of a pill

02 April 2019

Rynek Aptek: – In 2018, we managed to obtain funding from external investors and from grants amounting to the total of 3 million PLN, so now we ...


Drugs are created for absorption by human skin

29 March 2019

Newseria: – Our main product that we are currently focused on is a transdermal system that increases the bioavailability of active substances. ...


Biotts received the “Lower Silesian Innovation Voucher”

28 March 2019

MamStartup: Biotts, a company from Wrocław, has just received the “Lower Silesian Innovation Voucher” granted to enterprises to finance research ...


Dolnośląski Bon na Innowacje – we’ve got the grant!

27 March 2019

Our application under the “Lower Silesian Innovation Voucher” is successful. The grant under the programme is given to enterprises from Lower ...


The 4th Health Challenges Congress in Katowice

12 March 2019

And so the 4th Health Challenges Congress in Katowice is over. The shortlist in the finals of the Start-UpMed competition included 11 innovative ...


Another patent application filed with Patent Office of the Republic of Poland: Biotts actively pursues its patent strategy

05 February 2019

We are pleased to announce that we have filed another patent application. This time for the “Cosmetic carrier, cosmetic composition and the use ...


The first patent application of Biotts Inc.

10 January 2019

We are pleased to announce that on 10 January 2019 we filed with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland an invention disclosure for the “A ...


DemoDay of the 5th MIT Enterprise Forum Poland

08 January 2019

We have found themselves among 12 finalists during the DemoDay of the 5th edition of MIT Enterprise Forum Poland! MITEF Poland workshops are like ...