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Technology makes a difference.
Increasing bioavailability while mitigating side effects is the Holy Grail of many research teams. With the use of Biotts technology, this goal becomes attainable. The development of deep penetrating transdermal systems, selectively acting on pathologically changed tissues allows for achieving a stronger therapeutic effect, while significantly increasing patient comfort and reducing the costs of treatment. Due to MTC-Y carrier we are able to transport through the skin hydrophilic substances, big molecules and proteins.

How it works


MTC-Y is an original, universal, transdermal carrier of active substances, which increases their bioavailability. The mixture of excipients constituting the carrier of MTC-Y consists of components that ensure a simultaneous introduction of several active substances of different character and physiochemical properties into the body. Additionally, each of them can be introduced simultaneously in different polymorphic varieties, which makes it possible to create preparations with a modified profile of activity.

Thanks to the unique properties of the system, it is possible to increase the bioavailability of active substances up to 10 times and enable active substances to penetrate through skin barriers up to several centimetres. Thanks to the unique formula, it is possible to reduce the doses of substances and at the same time to intensify their action. The effect is the acceleration of treatment with reduced side effects. The unique MTC-Y Biotts system enables the transport of one to several active substances, thanks to which it is possible to design multi-component drugs. MTC-Y carrier is biocompatible with the human skin and non-toxic.

How it works:

Properties of the technology

Design of multi-component drugs

Therapeutic dose reduction

Few times higher bioavailability

Penetration through the skin barriers to soft tissues and bones

Modified API release profile

Simple and quick modification of formulas

Reduction of side effects few times

Simple implementation

Transport any API

With the use of MTC-Y technology, it is possible to carry APIs with different physicochemical properties

Lipophilic substances
Hydrophilic substances


We transport particles of different sizes through the skin

From 200 Da (Dalton)
Up to 25,000 Da (Dalton)


The MTC-Y carrier can transport any drugs:

  • Proteins
  • Antidiabetic drugs
  • Antibodies
  • Cardiac drugs
  • Antibiotics
  • Chemotherapeutics
  • Neurological drugs
  • Hormones
  • Painkillers
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs

Results of studies

The pictures present the results of studies on the animal model of permeability of MTC-Y carrier combined with fluorescein. Depending on the simple quantitative modification of the carrier substances, we can control the depth of absorption from the skin surface, through tissues and muscles to the bloodstream and liver.

Business model

Thanks to the unique technologies of Biotts, we are able to quickly and easily implement proprietary technologies for various therapeutic areas without the need to modify production lines.
The combination of Biotts technology with the existing market solutions, formulas or API creates a unique and unrepeatable quality, which is protected by the Biotts patent cloud, which secures the products of our partners.

Therapeutic areas






Tissue regeneration

Plastic surgery



Customers of technology

Pharmaceutical companies

Manufacturers of medicines and medical devices

Cosmetics manufacturers

Manufacturers of veterinary medicines