Biotechnology is our passion.

Paweł Biernat, PhD
CEO & Transdermal Systems Specialist

Co-founder and co-author of BIOTTS patents and therapeutic systems. Graduate, lecturer and assistant professor of the Medical University of Wrocław, the Faculty of Pharmacy; for 14 years gaining experience in the Chair and Department of Drugs Form Technology. Drug Form Technician; expert in the field of designing: nanocarriers of active substances, as well as transdermal and sterile, parenteral drug delivery systems. Author of numerous reports and scientific publications in Poland and abroad.

At Biotts, he is responsible for business development, selection of strategic products of the Company, creation of original formulas and the Company’s patent cloud.

Jan Meler, PhD
Director of the Drug Development Department

Co-founder and co-author of BIOTTS patents and therapeutic systems.

Outstanding technologist in the area of dosage forms, for over 30 years associated with the Medical University of Wrocław in the Chair and Department of Drugs Form Technology. Responsible for the management and implementation of numerous scientific grants in the field of innovative production technologies, as well as the creation of products for the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics industry. Specialist and technologist of liquid and solid drug forms. Regional consultant for applied pharmacy and pharmacy. Author of over 170 scientific publications in Poland and abroad. He is passionate about natural prevention and treatment based on natural extracts.

At the Company, he is responsible for the development of new drugs, creation of systems for transporting active substances and solving problems in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industries.

Karolina Buratyńska MBA
General Manager

Expert in building business strategies of pharmaceutical companies.

Experienced leader in the pharmaceutical market for over 13 years. Expert strategist in management positions responsible in the largest pharmaceutical companies. She gained her experience in Teva Pharmaceuticals, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Sandoz and Nutricia. The business strategies she has implemented have been very successful on the market. She is a graduate of the Białystok University of Technology and Northampton University, where she received an MBA.

Karolina Urban-Stojanowska
Head of preclinical research

Graduate of the Medical University of Wrocław, the Faculty of Pharmacy with the Division of Laboratory Diagnostics. Specialist in the field of nanocarriers of active substances. She has a certificate in the field of Clinical Research Monitoring.

At Biotts, she is responsible for the preparation of research samples, basic laboratory research, physiochemical research and laboratory analytics and management of the pre-clinical trial process.

Anna Szczepanik
Operating manager

Graduate of the Wrocław University of Economics and postgraduate studies at the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław. She managed and participated in numerous projects and processes of a chemical production company. Certified Project Manager of PRINCE2® Foundation methodology.

Responsible for administration and management of processes and finance at Biotts S.A.

Konrad Krajewski
Managing Partner

Graduate of Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Information Technology and Enterprise Management. Co-founder of biotechnological company Genomtec inc and Terrabio Ilc. Certified International Project Manager of PRINCE2® and AgilePM® methodology.

Responsible for business development, relations with investors and industry partners, as well as management support.

Katarzyna Romanowska

Graduate of the Wrocław Medical University, University of Economics and Université de Paris XIII, La Sorbonne (MHA). Since the beginning of her professional career she has been involved in health care and medicine. For over 10 years she has been specializing in team management, administration departments, as well as R&D projects in the biotechnology and medical sectors.

Advisory Board

Krzysztof Rożnowski, MD, PhD

Prof. Wiesław Gaweł, Ph.D., D.Sc.

A graduate of the Wrocław University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry. Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Wrocław Medical University. Research topics: analysis of biological and pharmaceutical materials, search for new drugs, phase studies on salt and metal binary systems. Author/co-author of ca. 130 publications in international journals, including papers at scientific conferences. Member of the elite organization (Associated Phase Diagram International Committee) of about 40 scientists from Central Europe countries.

In Biotts, he is a member of the Scientific Board, a scientific consultant, supporting works at the research and development stage.