Biotechnology is our passion.

Paweł Biernat, PhD
CEO & Transdermal Systems Specialist

Co-founder and co-author of BIOTTS patents and therapeutic systems. Graduated of the Medical University of Wrocław, the Faculty of Pharmacy; Experienced drug form specjalist with over 20 years of experience. Drug Form Technician; expert in the field of designing: nanocarriers of active substances, as well as transdermal and sterile, parenteral drug delivery systems. Author of numerous reports and scientific publications in Poland and abroad.

At Biotts, he is responsible for business development, selection of strategic products of the Company, creation of original formulas and the Company’s patent cloud.

Konrad Krajewski
Executive Vice President & CBO

Co-founder of Biotts S.A., since 2014 he specializes in building and developing medical startups. Graduate of Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Information Technology and Enterprise Management. Co-founder of biotechnological company Genomtec inc and Terrabio Ilc. Certified International Project Manager of PRINCE2® and AgilePM® methodology. Expert in biotechnology business models.

Responsible for company management, business development, relations with investors and industry partners.

Jan Meler, PhD
Director of the Drug Development Department

Co-founder and co-author of BIOTTS patents and therapeutic systems.

Outstanding technologist in the area of dosage forms, for over 35 years practitioner and passionate biotechnology and pharmacy. Responsible for the management and implementation of numerous scientific grants in the field of innovative production technologies, as well as the creation of products for the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics industry. Specialist and technologist of liquid and solid drug forms. Regional consultant for applied pharmacy and pharmacy. Author of over 170 scientific publications in Poland and abroad. He is passionate about natural prevention and treatment based on natural extracts.

At the Company, he is responsible for the development of new drugs, creation of systems for transporting active substances and solving problems in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical industries.

Dominik Marciniak, PhD Biostatistician

A PhD in pharmaceutical sciences, graduate of Wrocław Medical University. Starting from 2017, the Vice-President of Wrocław Branch of the Polish Pharmaceutical Society. An author and co-author of 63 scientific monographs and national and international reports. An experienced technologist of semi-solid drug forms, and a biopharmacy and biostatistics analyst.

Małgorzata Guziewicz, MD
Clinical Trials Expert

Clinician and scientist with over 20 years of experience. Specialist in planning, organizing and conducting clinical trials in a wide range of indications (oncology, cardiology, rheumatology, neurology, diabetology, surgery, urology, psychiatry) in projects funded by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and universities. An experienced executive managing large research teams.

Anna Szczepanik
Operating & finance manager

Graduate of the Wrocław University of Economics and postgraduate studies at the International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław. She managed and participated in numerous projects and processes of a chemical production company. Certified Project Manager of PRINCE2® Foundation methodology.

Responsible for administration and management of processes and finance at Biotts S.A.

Ewa Micewicz, PhD
Head of preclinical research

Accomplished and result-oriented professional with experience in developing and managing comprehensive R&D programs within cancer biology and immunology. Experienced in drug development research aimed at the discovery of therapeutic entities, within anti-cancer, radiation biology, hormone replacement therapy, and antivirals fields. Expert in the development and application of animal models in the areas of cancer research, autoimmune diseases, obesity, and radiation biology. Experienced in ADME/PK studies for early stage preclinical development.

At Biotts, responsible for coordinating preclinical research.

Katarzyna Romanowska
EU Project Coordinator

Graduate of the Wrocław Medical University, University of Economics and Université de Paris XIII, La Sorbonne (MHA). Since the beginning of her professional career she has been involved in health care and medicine. For over 10 years she has been specializing in team management, administration departments, as well as R&D projects in the biotechnology and medical sectors.

Mieszko Dyliński
Drugs Form Specialist

Experienced analytical chemist with many years of experience in R&D laboratory in the pharmaceutical industry. At Biotts, responsible for routine laboratory analysis, development and validation of analytical methods (especially HPLC) and supervision of control and measurement equipment as well as preparation of documents.

Jerzy Wiśniewski, PhD 
LC-MS/MS Specialist

Biotechnologist, researcher at the Wrocław University of Technology. For several years associated with the Medical University of Wrocław, where he defended his doctoral thesis and participated in many research and application projects. He is an expert in the field of chemical analysis, especially taking into account the technique of mass spectrometry coupled with liquid chromatography (LC-MS/MS). Co-author of many scientific publications and patent applications.

Paulina Topolska
Drugs Form Specialist & HPLC Expert

Dawid Bursy 
Drug Form Specialist

A graduate of and a teacher at Wrocław Medical University, the Faculty of Pharmacy. A technologist of drug forms with experience in forming semi-solid dosage forms, he trains both students and graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the field of sterile compounded formulations.

Aleksandra Puton
Business Manager

Associated with the business for over 10 years, she has competence in project management, marketing and communication supported by many years of cooperation with customers in the pharmaceutical industry. Responsible for marketing and customer acquisition for the unique MTC-Y technology. Graduate of the University of Warsaw.

Agata Bluma
Junior lab & office assistant

Marta Kłos
Administrative and Office Worker

Responsible for supporting the efficient functioning of the office in ongoing projects as well as administrative and personnel matters.

Magdalena Szewczyk
Senior laboratory Analyst

A long-time employee of research laboratories in pharmaceutical companies with experience in conducting classical and instrumental chemistry analyses. Has extensive experience in developing analytical methods – especially HPLC and GC.
Responsible for creating laboratory documentation, calibration and verification of control and measurement equipment.
Participates in the validation processes of analytical methods.

Advisory Board

Erik Plas MSc.

Experienced executive with more than 25 years of experience in international business across various industries, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, where he held numerous positions of growing responsibility across many therapeutic areas. He was Managing Director of MSD Poland, Vice President of the local industry association INFARMA. A graduate from the Erasmus University of the Netherlands, Faculty of Rotterdam School of Management. Currently an entrepreneur, investor, consultant and expert in the development of medical companies, focusing on eHealth & Health Care, Biotech and Diagnostics.


Valeri P. Melekhov, M.S., M.A.,MBA

Valeri is a pharma industry veteran with 35+ years of experience spanning from drugs technology licensing, drug development, business and corporate development, marketing research and corporate management.

During last 25 years he worked at one of the largest privately held pharmaceutical company in the USA where he was involved in marketing, sales, strategy, business model, business development and development of drug products including oral, transdermal and inhalation drug products. In addition to running his own business projects, Valeri sits of the Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards of several Pharma and high tech companies in the US.