R&D services

We constantly deliver new, ready-made solutions that can be used in many areas of life, maximising the benefits for entrepreneurs and the satisfaction of the general public.



  • Creation of new formulas based on natural and synthetic ingredients
  • Modernisation and modification of the existing products
  • Development of new drug manufacturing technologies
  • Increasing the bioavailability of the existing preparations
  • Development of natural substitutes for synthetic chemical substances


  • Creation of new cosmetic formulas
  • Development or modification of the existing products
  • Maintenance and stabilisation of cosmetics using natural resources
  • Increased penetration of active substances
  • Creation of natural substitutes for chemical substances


  • Development of innovative formulas and mixtures of functional food
  • Natural maintenance and stabilisation of products
  • Creation of natural substitutes for chemical substances
  • Modification of taste based on natural ingredients
  • Stabilisation of omega acids


  • Technological trials
  • Quality testing of the finished product
  • Product stability studies
  • Dermatological tests
  • Research and analysis API release
  • Maintenance tests
  • Toxicological evaluation
  • Microbiological analyses
  • A wide range of physiochemical analyses
  • Viscosity measurement and tests


  • Preparation of production, quality, testing, and control documentation
  • Design of the manufacturing process with critical control points
  • Management of intellectual property
  • Statistical analysis


Pharmaceutical companies

Chemical companies

Manufacturers of medicines and medical devices

Manufacturers of dietary supplements

Cosmetics manufacturers

Food producers

Manufacturers of veterinary medicines