Puls Biznesu: Biotts wants to revolutionize drug delivery

Puls Biznesu: Despite years of work only 17 patch-based #transdermal_drug delivery systems were ever developed and just 10 of them – including the one for nicotine – were successful.

That’s where the product being developed by Biotts comes in: it is theoretically universal and can be used to deliver any kind of medication. This startup has left its competitors – looking to make it easier for i.e., diabetics and cancer patients to get treatment – in the dust. Negotiations with global players are currently happening – and hundreds of millions of Euros are at stake. “1.3k Daltons, that’s where the competition has reached its limit when it comes to the size of the particles being transferred [roughly a thousand times smaller than bacteria – the Editorial Staff] and that’s with no control over the process of penetration. We, on the other hand, maintain that control at 24k Daltons, which means we’re a lot further along in the development process” – says Paweł Biernat.

Photo Tomasz Pikuła (Puls Biznesu).