Biotts: Preclinical studies are underway – The effectiveness of our carrier is being confirmed by preclinical studies as we speak. Biotts carriers can be used as a transport system for commonly used drugs. And such solutions are eagerly awaited by both patients and pharmaceutical companies, says dr Paweł Biernat, CEO of Wrocław-based Biotts. – Indeed, the effectiveness of any preparation depends not only on its APIs, but also on the ability of the components to penetrate deep into the human body. Even the action of high-class, modern active substances requires an effective transdermal penetration, adds he.

The substances that make up the carrier are present on the (Polish and foreign) lists of pharmacopoeial substances approved for use in the pharmaceutical industry. The latest results obtained in the ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion) studies of the proprietary, carrier-based Biotts drug have confirmed a faster action, a longer release time, and an identical blood drug level, despite the twice lower concentration of active substances compared to competitors’ preparations.

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