Polish medical startups that can conquer the world

Business Insider: Polish startups from the medical industry are strengthening their positions on foreign markets – there are even a few that have the chance to become widely recognized leaders in their respective market segments. Here are a couple of Poland’s MedTech startups that are continuing to build their business abroad.

Biotts – a biotech company – is working, first and foremost, on a technology that makes it possible for particles of medicine to enter the body by penetrating the skin. This method of delivery could, in the future, be used in treating diabetes as well as cancer. For this work on ‘an innovative carrier of pharmaceutical substances’ the startup has, in May of 2020, received PLN 7.2 million in funding.

Additionally – in March of 2021 – the company signed an agreement with Tapemark – a leading manufacturer of transdermal systems that’s ‘Made in the USA’. Biotts is one of several companies on this list that was established in Wroclaw. Its founders include: Paweł Biernat (PhD), Jan Meler (PhD) and Konrad Krajewski.