Paweł Biernat, CEO of Biotts, ranked MOST CREATIVE PERSON IN BUSINESS!

– The top spot on ’50 Most Creative People in Business” list is an achievement that’s shared by the entire Biotts team. We wouldn’t be where we are today without contributions from everyone who woks here. When we (I, Jan Meler and Konrad Krajewski) started Biotts nearly 4 years ago, we could count our employees using the fingers of one hand. Today, we’d need several hands. As time goes by our unique technology and set of skills continue to develop – thanks in large part to the fact that we learn from one another. That’s why I’m treating this award like every other one and dedicating it to my team members and friends, the people who make Biotts what it is – says Paweł Biernat.


The list of ’50 Most Creative People in Business” has been organized for 10 years by the editors of BRIEF magazine in an effort to support creativity and innovativeness among business in Poland. Members of the jury look for entrepreneurs and managers whose unconventional approach to leadership, growth, development of new products/services and promotional activities separate them from the crowd. The ranking highlights people who set industry standards, inspire others, and continue to evolve: especially in terms of their personal brand.

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