Biotts opens an office in Boston

ISB Zdrowie: Biotts has opened an office in Boston. Massachusetts is currently considered the place to be if you’re looking to launch a biotech company.

– We want Biotts to have a true global presence. Our customers are the largest player on international pharmaceutical market, companies that have head offices all over the world. Foreign expansion will help us arrive in a more visible place, with better access to the biotech market and the Boston office is our company’s ticket to getting there – underlines

Karolina Buratyńska, General Manager of Biotts. – AstraZeneca has selected Massachusetts as the location for one of the industry’s most important incubators: one that’s home to leading biotech companies. There is magnetic force at the intersection of Cambridge Ames and Main Street, in Kendall Square, one that attracts startups to the annual stream of MIT and Harvard University students.

-The US is the world’s largest pharmaceutical market. Several companies from this part of the world develop, manufacture, and sell medical products as well as topical cosmetics – for the foreign and domestic market – right here. By opening an office in Boston, one of the leading international biotech hubs in the USA, Biotts is bringing its tech solutions and services closer to potential customers and business partners.

Valeri Melekhov is a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry with over 25+ year of experience in licensing, product development and sales on this market. That makes him an invaluable asset in every aspect of everyday cooperation.