A shot at medicine without shots. Innovators from Poland are looking to revolutionize the industry.

Money.pl: It’s no secret that taking #medicine is usually something we do because we have to, not because we want to. And when treatments have to be administered in the form of a shot, they become even more of a burden. Luckily – thanks to a technology developed by the founders of #Biotts – this can be avoided. Taking your medicine can be a tedious chore – not only because you have to remember to do it, but also because – no matter if you’re a kid or an adult – getting a shot is just plain painful. That’s why #pharmaceuticals that come in the form of a patch, cream, gel or balm – and release their active substances over the course of several days – are a perfect solution for parents who have to give their children medicine for diseases like #diabetes. It’s possible that our quick and non-invasive system could also be used to administer #vaccines – such as the one for COVID-19 – says Paweł Biernat, CEO of Biotts Inc.