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Technology makes a difference.
Increasing bioavailability while mitigating side effects is the Holy Grail of many research teams. With the use of Biotts technology, this goal becomes attainable. MTS-X is an original molecular transport system based on non-aggressive molecules of natural origin combined with unique, patented technology production process.As such parameters as temperature, humidity and pressure can be controlled in a tabletting chamber, it is possible to tablet substances that could not have been directly tableted before. The MTS-X technology can be used in a modified WiP tablet press and in most rotary tablet presses after a simple modification.

Multifunctional Tabletting Technology Systems-X (MTS-X) enables the production of any formula of drugs, substances, molecules or vitamins, especially insoluble substances, increasing their bioavailability by increasing the surface of their release. The production technology based on safe, organism-neutral particles allows for transport of any active substance without its aggregation. With the use of MTS-X, we are able to increase the bioavailability of any drug or vitamin up to several times, while reducing toxicity and undesirable effects.

Benefits of using the technology

  • Tablet size reduction by approximately 15%
  • Elimination of the granulation process
  • Extended direct tabletting functionality
  • Limited dusting in the production process
  • Reduction of excipients
  • Increased mechanical resistance of a tablet
  • Increased stability of an active substance
  • Limited active substance (powder) waste by at least 2%
  • Possibility to tablet substances that have been impossible to tablet before


Traditional technology of connecting API to the carrier:

Diagram of Biotts MTS-X technology of API connection to the carrier:

Properties of the technology

Protection of APIs against harmful external impacts

Reducing the adverse effect of API aggregation

Increased bioavailability

Use of carrier molecules neutral to the human body

Modified API release profile

Simple and quick modification of formulas

Reduction of side effects

Simple implementation

Business model

Thanks to the unique technologies of Biotts, we are able to quickly and easily implement proprietary technologies for various therapeutic areas without the need to modify production lines.
The combination of Biotts technology with the existing market solutions, formulas or API creates a unique and unrepeatable quality, which is protected by the Biotts patent cloud, which secures the products of our partners.

Therapeutic areas










Customers of technology

Pharmaceutical companies

Manufacturers of medicines and medical devices

Manufacturers of dietary supplements

Manufacturers of veterinary medicines